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The Sabi Sand Game Reserve
All the Best Game Lodges & Specialist Game Rangers in a Premier Reserve.
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The Sabi Sand Game Reserve


The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is the oldest private game reserve in South Africa, pioneered in the late 1920's and 1930's - although the reserve in its original form was proclaimed as early as 1898. It is home to some of the finest, most luxurious game lodges in South Africa, all of which have something very unique to offer.

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is located to the west of the massive Kruger National Park, and after the fences were removed along its Eastern border in 1993, wildlife roam free over a huge area here - the Sabi Sand reserve now forming part of the great Kruger National Park wildlife conservation area, with its vast expanse and immense wildlife gene pool.

Game viewing experiences are unparalleled in South Africa, including amazing sightings of leopards, as well as the rest of Africa's "Big 5" animals.

The park's exclusivity and serenity is guaranteed by the fact that no day or drive-through visitors are allowed, and you can only access it by staying in one of the wonderful lodges available on the reserve.

WHERE SHOULD I STAY IN The Sabi Sand Game Reserve?

Arathusa Safari Lodge - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Arathusa Safari Lodge
Guide Price: $430

Chitwa Chitwa - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Chitwa Chitwa
Guide Price: $845

Dulini - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Guide Price: $1 080

Food & Wine
Dulini River Lodge - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Dulini River Lodge
Guide Price: $880

Food & Wine
Elephant Plains Game Lodge - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Elephant Plains Game Lodge
Guide Price: $267

Idube Lodge - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Idube Lodge
Guide Price: $380

Kirkman's Kamp - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Kirkman's Kamp
Guide Price: $665

Food & Wine
Leadwood Lodge - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Leadwood Lodge
Guide Price: $1 075

Food & Wine
Leopard Hills - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Leopard Hills
Guide Price: $1 060

Lion Sands - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Lion Sands

Lion Sands - Ivory Lodge
Lion Sands - River Lodge
Londolozi - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris

Londolozi - Founder's Camp
Londolozi - Pioneer Camp
Londolozi - Private Granite Suites
Londolozi - Tree Camp
Londolozi - Varty Camp
MalaMala - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris

MalaMala - Main Camp
MalaMala - Sable Camp
Rattrays on MalaMala
Notten's Bush Camp - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Notten's Bush Camp
Guide Price: $360

Sabi Sabi - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Sabi Sabi

Sabi Sabi - Bush Lodge
Sabi Sabi - Earth Lodge
Sabi Sabi - Little Bush Camp
Sabi Sabi - Selati Camp
Savanna Lodge - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Savanna Lodge
Guide Price: $750

Singita - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris

Singita - Boulders Lodge
Singita - Castleton
Singita - Ebony Lodge
Ulusaba - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris

Ulusaba - Rock Lodge
Ulusaba - Safari Lodge



The Best of Cape Town and Singita - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
The Best of Cape Town and Singita
11 Days
From US$12 860 pp.

A 5 day adventure in Cape Town followed by two exciting regions of Eastern South Africa get explored in this summer break...
The Best of Cape Town and Singita

Experienced in SOUTH AFRICA

Time with Friends in the Sabi Sand and Cape Town - Robert Mark Safaris - Luxury African Safaris
Time with Friends in the Sabi Sand and Cape Town
10 Days
From US$10 900 pp.

Safari through the private Sabi Sand Game Reserve, followed by summer sunshine in Cape Town – a perfect combination…
Time with Friends in the Sabi Sand and Cape Town

Experienced in SOUTH AFRICA

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We have arrived back safely to Bangkok. We want to personally thank you and your team at Robert Marks for recommending and helping to organize one of the best trip of our lives. We both fell in love with Kenya and Tanzania and was sad to leave. Mahali Mzuri and Mnemba Island were well over our initial expectations.

Wansit, Bangkok

Catherine, we have just made it back after our wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for your efforts. We would definitely recommend you and the team to others!

Again, thank you so much for organising probably one of our best holidays to date! It was incredible.

Reena, Singapore

We had an amazing trip. Thank you for organizing such a great vacation for us. It went very smoothly. All the transfers, accommodations and activities were very well organized. We also liked your app, it was very useful. Overall it was the best vacation we had so far, and we traveled a lot. Thank you for organizing it so well.

Yana, New York

We arrived back in HK earlier this morning and I would like to thank you for the fantastic arrangements at the safaris.

Our family had a great time and we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.


Overall, we had a great trip, thank you for helping us organise everything!

Jolene, New York

Overall we had a fantastic trip to the Okavango Delta. Everything was perfectly organised. Thanks a lot for making this trip memorable and totally hassle free. Our entire family loved it.


Thank you - everything went well, all the arrangements went well and it was exactly the kind of thing that we wanted out of this trip.

Beatta, Germany

We had a great time on Safari - thank you so much for planning a fantastic trip!

Sian, U.K.

We had a fantastic time, everything ran very smoothly. The visas were all easy, Rwanda is now a full visa on arrival service for U.K. Citizen, so no need to apply online at all before hand.

Samantha, UK

We are back in Sydney, I'm not back at work until Wednesday, Absolutely amazing - I don't know where to start. I would rattle on email so perhaps we can chat when you are free. Happy to give you feedback, suffice to say we will be booking all future African trips with you.

Millie, Sydney

Thanks Catherine, all went on well. Kapama was really excellent. We had awesome experience there. And the overall arrangement was great.

Kausalya G

In all, we were very pleased with your recommendations and the overall arrangements, and we would happily recommend RMS to friends who consider an African holiday. I must also add that you have been a pleasure to deal with, always prompt in your responses to queries even when you have been away in the bushes !! Well done.


Greetings from Singita, you've killed it again!!! Cheers, awesome place!!

Sunil, Switzerland

Thank you for xxxx. Once again. This clearly demonstrate the excellence of your after sales service. I must say, you couldn't have done better. We greatly appreciate every prompt and fruitful assistance you provide during this whole event (from planning to event completion). We will definitely come back for more and recommend your services to friends.

Mac, Singapore

We had a fantastic time, everything ran very smoothly. The internal flight times changed (I think for every single one!) but the guides knew what was going on and had us there at an appropriate time for each. Thanks for all your hard work organising this magical trip for us.

Sam L

The safari was a success and the wife was deeply satisfied. the game in Masai mara was great, the kindness of the people was amazing.

Frederick - Singapore

We had a fantastic honeymoon, absolutely loved Kenya and Tanzania - both really wonderful countries. Our safari at Eagle View was great - beautiful scenery, great animals and wonderful staff. Thanks for all your help in organising it!

Matt, Hong Kong

We are finally back.. Thanks alot for all your help..We really enjoyed and had a terrific experience in both Namibia and SA..

Jose, Mexico

Thanks to you, your expertise and your attention to my needs, this trip was the best of my life! and i had fabulous trips in my life already, but this one surpassed them all. there was not a single hiccup with accommodation or transportation. nothing. flawless!

The trip was well organised and i am happy i finished it with Namibia. Wow!

Karen, France

We had a simply wonderful trip especially in Botswana. Super accommodation, wonderful guides. Everything was so organised with the food and we were a little worried that we might not have much to eat as vegans, but everyone was very accommodating and we ate so very well! :-).

Sebastien, Vancouver

I'm very impressed by every detail, particularly the seamless guidance from the moment I landed Nairobi. This took away my biggest concern with safety. Thank you very much again Catherine for all efforts made. Africa now becomes a preferred option for our family holiday. I'm sure I'll need your help again not too long.

F. Y. - Hong Kong

Thanks for the follow up. We had a great time and the organisation all went very smoothly, so many thanks. The private plane charter was a big success – the kids loved it. And very swish service etc. – all very impressive, felt rather special and was a wonderful start.

John, Singapore

Hi Stacey, Thank you for this! And thank you for this amazing trip, we can't quite believe it, it's been so magnificent so far and we are totally in love with South Africa, it's been incredible. And these places!!! We've toasted a few times to you so far, this is amazing!!!

Gen, Hong Kong

Hi Rob, My Fiancee and I had a wonderful time on the trip. All of the camps you chose for the safaris were top notch and we saw pretty much everything (4 of the big 5). Thanks again for you help and setting up a most memorable trip.

Kenneth, Hong Kong

Thank you so much for your email and for organising this trip for us.

Yes everything went smoothly and me and my buddies, we had a great time. Thanks for your help in arranging this trip. It was fantastic and memorable!

Joey, Singapore

Ol Donyo was really magnificent. The managers of the camp - Shaun Mousley and Amy both are very warm and friendly. They made us feel very welcomed and we thoroughly enjoyed staying at Ol Donyo. The camp is on par in terms of standards with Singita group, in terms of quality of their accommodation and service.

Joey, Singapore

We had an absolutely wonderful time in SA! Thank you for all your arrangements!


The tour you organised to Cape Point was excellent and our guide for the day, Jerry, was very engaging and knowledgeable.


Our recommendation for first timer safari goers is that 5 days is an absolute minimum to go for.

Karen, Singapore

We were very happy with the whole trip and are planning to visit different lodges in Africa. Next up we are looking at Tanzania for next year and we think it will likely be a yearly trip for us to Africa!

Karen, Singapore

The feeling at Mara Plains was really good. The managers were great, a lovely couple, and the guides were really good as well.

Nick, Hong Kong

Everything went really, really well with the whole trip. In hindsight the highlights were the Gorillas and Victoria Falls.

Nick, New York

Botswana - The safari was incredible!

Daniel G

The safari turned out to be the absolute highlight of our trip.

Thank you so much for recommending Sabi Sabi. It was perfect for us. We loved every minute of the safari experience and each day saw The Big 5 - and more!! It was a truly remarkable experience.


Thanks Stacey, we had a great time, everything went very smoothly. By far the easiest trip we have taken. Kim was there to meet us in Johannesburg and everything went very smooth from there, pickups, flights, reservations, etc. Ate way too much, saw lions on a kudu hunt, leopard finishing off a little duiker, rhino, elephant, impala, bush bark, water buffalo, wildebeest, nyla, etc. Very sad to leave!

Robert, Malaysia

Suffice to say we had a great time! The organisation worked as clockwork, and all thanks to you for organising it perfectly. The two guides we had were excellent and we saw the Big 5 in both Tarangire and the Serengeti.

S. S. - Malaysia

We really had a fantastic time. Thanks for putting together such a great itinerary for us, we really were impressed with the quality of the itinerary that you put together for us.

Ray - Hong Kong

Little Tubu was our favourite of the three camps we stayed at but even the others were also really good. Small camp and far away from everything, really great. Suggestions from Robert Mark were very good and the staff at the camps looked after us well. Very exciting.

Danny Ng - Hong Kong

Spent 10 Days in Kenya Oct 2014, had a great time, everything was superb, thanks a lot RMS for organizing everything. Tarryn & Glen

Tarryn & Glen - Dubai

We utilized Robert Mark Safaris for a recent adventure holiday to Serengeti & Ngorongoro. It had always been on our bucket list. Robert Mark Safaris were fantastic in ensuring that out trip went seamlessly, and we were especially pleased with the detail that they placed on our personal requests. They also provided some great recommendations that added special memories to our trip. Thanks again, we will be back.

Steven Rowe - Australia

Amazing experience that took us to two different safari lodges.

With plenty of opportunities for hiccups along the way the whole trip ran very smoothly and was the trip of a life time. I highly recommend Robert Mark Safaris if you are looking for a hassle free, safari experience.

David S - Hong Kong

Our expectations were high, but the reality topped all preconceptions.


A group of my friends and I were looking for an African Adventure when we were recommended Robert Mark Safaris, and we were not disappointed. We had the most fabulous tour ever - Initially we spent a week in the beautiful Cape Town. The service we received from the Robert Mark Safaris team were second to none and we could not be more thankful. Thanks again, and we cant wait to return!

Pierre V - Australia

We could hear the elephants walking through the camp at night, hyenas cackling away close by and even hippos as they left the water to graze in the cool of the evening.

Fonty Z

Elephants were a frequent visitor around our tent particularly one which liked to sleep beside our tent, buffalo tended to wander past and numerous small animals delighted us with their antics.

Bev P

Mombo is one of the premier camps in the Okavango Delta. Food, accommodation and service are absolutely top class.

M Witul

E - for excellent, excessive and exceptional.

Eud - Hong Kong

Excellent Trip! King's Pool will be first on our list for our next visit to Botswana.

Spencer L

Our entire experience at Chitabe was first-class. The wildlife we were able to see in a few short days was unbelievable.


"Abu Camp on the Okavango Delta in Botswana is surely at the top end for luxury African safari camps… There is an incredible amount of game to be viewed… Finally, the great attraction of the camp is the Abu elephant herd."

Gordon D

My Boyfriend and I were very happy with the service provided by Robert Mark Safaris on our visit to the South Africa - we went to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and Cape Town They made sure we were taken care of the whole way through and even planned ahead of us to make sure our activities were scheduled according to the weather conditions. Two Thumbs up!

E Lim - Singapore

I was fortunate enough to get to spend two nights at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge. What a great Experience. Sabi Sabi is a top class reserve and the game viewing was brilliant. Robert Mark Safaris did a great job & the lodge itself is luxurious and modern and a really nice place to return to after sundowners and a night drive!

Gary D - Sydney

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