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Safety & Security

At Robert Mark Safaris your safety is critically important to us. We create itineraries and use only destinations that are safe & secure, for your peace of mind, and aim to address any questions that our guests may have about their journeys:


Guests occasionally have questions about personal safety around African wildlife. Guests have no need to fear for their safety whilst on a safari if you follow the simple rules provided at your lodge - these will do very well to keep you safe. Although there have been isolated occurrences of wild animals attacking people through history, these have been extremely rare, and occur rarely enough to be considered insignificant. When they have occurred, they have generally been in areas where wildlife habitats are not properly protected.

In addition, we always make use of experienced guides at all lodges and camps. These guides are very well trained, and have plenty of experience in understanding the animals around them, including their seasonality, moods, patterns and behaviors. This enables them to read any threat they may present in the wild well in advance. For extra-peace-of-mind, most game rangers and game drive vehicles are also equipped with a rifle.


Guests who have never stayed in a tented camp before may have questions about the safety of doing so.

Wild animals do not associate the shape and smell of a tent or chalet with you or with anything that they normally hunt. Even though you may hear the pleasurable sounds of wildlife outdoors, it is highly unlikely that these sounds present any danger to you whilst sleeping. These wild animals live and roam freely; they are raised as capable hunters and there is plenty for them to feed on in game reserves so they do not normally associate humans with food. Expect them to show far more interest in their normal and natural activities than they would to anything in your camp - especially a concrete building or permanent tented suite that is well protected - so you can sleep soundly and in comfort. If you’re lucky enough you may get some wild animal visitors in the general areas of a camp - this is usually considered a treat!


Although Africa sometimes has a less-than-stellar security reputation, all of the national parks, wildlife habitats and conservation areas that our safaris take place in are very large, very remote and located well away from any potentially risky areas associated with poverty in cities. In addition, they are well guarded (mainly for the purposes of preventing unwanted poaching of wild animals), and your risk in these areas is extremely low. When overnighting in cities before or after you journey, it does help to have booked with a reliable company who can ensure that your accommodation is safe and well located.

Robert Mark Safaris also conducts regular security reviews to detect any changing situations at our destinations, camps and lodges - this helps us to bring you the peace of mind that you’re looking for on your holiday.


Although this is not an issue that concerns most of our guests that are doing fly-in safaris, we do understand the concerns that some guests have, and this is very much one of our fields of expertise. We have a long history of aviation in Africa so we know very well what factors contribute to flight safety or where there may be risks, and we know how tell the safest air operators apart from the others. Your safety and enjoyment are our primary concern, and we will only book our guests with safe air operators using reliable aircraft types at all times.

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