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The Safari Experience


The experiences on safari are about making new discoveries, about connecting with nature and about re-connecting with parts of you long lost to the pressures of daily living.

With Robert Mark Safaris they're also about the best experiences in Africa, unexpected luxury and hospitality. They're about being treated as VIP wherever you go.

Each new day on safari brings novel and exciting experiences: Sunrises over sweeping savannahs, dinner around campfires, afternoons in vast deserts and surprising turns with wildlife.

While no day on safari is quite the same as another, a typical day could be similar to this:

6:00 am

A friendly wake up call from your hosts or the sound of the beating of distant drums would mark the start of your day. The crisp sunrise, fresh African air, and peaceful silence of the bush herald the start of a new day. A quick cup of morning coffee and perhaps a "rusk", and you're off on your morning game drive.

7:00 am

With the fresh morning breeze through your hair, and the morning dew starting to melt away, you'll experience the dawn world of African wildlife from your safari vehicle, as you take time on your drive to contemplate your surroundings whilst your expert game ranger guides imparts a wealth of knowledge about the wildlife and surroundings.


Since the game tends to rest and hide a little during the heat of the day, we head back to the lodge and enjoy a hearty and substantial breakfast in the comfort. Time to compare stories of what you have seen during the morning, and to appreciate once more the expansive vistas of your surroundings.


This is a perfect time to relax and unwind in the heat of the day. Find a comfy lounger with a view of the watering hole to read a book. Take a nap in the cool privacy of your private terrace, or spend some time at the pool soaking in the sounds and scents of your surrounds. This midday period is free for you to relax as you most prefer. You can also take this time of day to get involved in any extra activities that might interest you.


A proper English tea served on the verandah of your lodge will get you ready for your afternoon game drive. As you set out into the bush with your ranger you'll notice the wildlife starting to move again as the afternoon cools and the sun heads toward the horizon, creating long sweeping shadows across the savannah. This is often when the great varieties of game can be seen - will you be able to track down some large predator cats in the wild?


Evening sundowners are one of the great African bush traditions. In the peace of the developing African sunset and in a well chosen locale, a bar of drinks and cocktails of your choice may be setup out in the wild - perhaps under a tree with a great vantage point, or next to a watering hole. Indulge yourself as you savour the sounds of the surrounding bush at this peaceful, transitional time of the day, sharing the moment with the wildest of wildlife.

7:18 pm

After sundowners you will likely continue your game drive into the night. The darkness conceals a lot, and reveals even more. Your guide will help you explore further into the bush at night, and it is now that the predators will be out to hunt - if you find them in action this is the most exciting way to see them. Many other nocturnal creatures come to life at night that one misses during daylight.

9:08 pm

Back at the lodge with a pre-dinner drink in the library or at the bar, we settle into a gourmet four-course dinner. Tantalize your taste-buds with the flavours and aromas of African fare under the wonder and awe-inspiring star canopy of the African night sky. If you're in the mood, extend the evening by spending some time around the fire place getting to know other guests, or connecting with each other in a cozy seat on the edge of the bush.


Tired after a long day in the African wild, retire to the luxury of your accommodations. As you drift off to sleep, content and relaxed you'll wonder what sights, sounds and smells the bush will bring tomorrow.

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